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My husband left again this morning and this past weekend I began to feel like we’ve been so caught up in doctor’s appointments, errands, work, attending social functions and life in general, that we’ve just been two ships passing in the night.

Life is non-stop and weekends are pretty much non-existent. I long for a weekend where he doesn’t have to go to work for couple minutes, which inevitably turns into a couple hours, answer phone calls all the time or attend a social event that turns into working with the families chatting over burgers, hot dogs and dessert in the next room. I long for a weekend where work actually ends on Friday afternoon and we can just savor the weekend and our time together.

And this weekend was no different. He was in and out all Saturday morning and most of the afternoon and when I finally looked up from the computer, it was after 2 p.m. and I just said, “Enough!”

Remember the days where the lines between home and work weren’t blurred? There are no work hours in this house. When an email is delivered to a phone, regardless of the time or place, we answer. When someone messages me or asks a questions, I feel badly if I don’t respond within five minutes.

Well, on Saturday, I said “Enough!” I shut down my computer and left my phone on the charger in the kitchen. When my husband arrived home from getting his hair cut, I told him the rest of the day was about us. No computers, no “it will take two minutes to answer this email and then we can finish watching the movie,” just us.

I brought comforters and pillows into our family room so we could all lounge together and we watched NCIS, baseball and the horse race. We ate dinner, picnic style, on our family room floor. We talked and just enjoyed the day. His phone still rang, but you can only control so much, right? And when mine chirped, alerting me to a new email or message, I’ll admit, it took everything in me not to run, say “just a minute”and be at everyone’s beckon call. But you know what, I didn’t and nobody suffered and when I told somebody that I couldn’t deliver an order that night, explained that my husband was leaving and that we were having family time, their response was, “Enjoy your night.”

It was amazing and freeing. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. To be able to just spend time together, without the added pressure of being on call all the time, it was like getting a new lease on life.

Sometimes we have to step away. In a world that is connected 24/7, it’s up to you to disconnect for a bit, savor the time you have and just say, “Enough is enough!”


3 thoughts on “Disconnected”

  1. This was a great article Katie! And something I desperately needed to be reminded of! My business is just taking off and I honestly feel like 24/7 I need to be available to my customers so I don’t miss out on anything. We are going on a small family vacation and I was already planning ways that I could get work done without internet access aside from my phone, but I think that I might just try and take the week off!

  2. Very true, love! That’s how I felt right before this deployment started… and while Husband was on R&R. I hope this time apart passes soon for you both 🙂

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