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Mom’s Field Guide: What You Need to Know to Make

It Through Your Loved One’s Military Deployment

                                                                                                                                                                                                           By: Sandy Doell

When our son enlisted in the Marines, and especially when he was preparing for, and during his deployment, I went into overdrive mode searching for any information available about the military. I wanted to know about where he was going, what I could send and how to send it, how to communicate, etc. I was what Sandy calls in this book a “need to know” person.  If you are also a research type person, all the resources and information included in Mom’s Field Guide will be like food for your soul. In addition, this is a great book for those who’d rather glean information from what others have learned and experienced, then this is a great book for you.

Sandy has taken each aspect of deployment from the basics of preparing for deployment, what and how to send care packages, to dealing with the practical and emotional day to day issues, and finding support. The book is outlined in a systematic way making it easy to find specific topics. She is very detailed in her explanations and tips. 

Throughout the book she’s included emails written during her son’s year long deployment as well as a few of her favorite recipes send to the troops which adds a personal touch, keeping it from just reading as a ‘how to’ book. 

One theme that is constant in the book is that finding a worthwhile project while experiencing deployment is a great way to alleviate some of the worry. I tend to agree with her on this issue. If this book had been written prior to my son’s deployment it would’ve saved me hours of time searching for information that I could’ve used productively on projects to support the troops.

She states that her main goal in sharing what she learned as a military mom was to better equip not only military families, but also others in America that desire to support the troops, but need specific ways to express their patriotism. So whether you are a ‘need to know’ person like me, or someone that prefers to have things already spelled out for you, this is a book that you could read while relaxing with your favorite beverage or for occasional research. Either way you will benefit from the information in each chapter.


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