Book Review: Love You More Than You Know

Love You More Than You Know

By: Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer

Have you ever felt no one else understands your emotional turmoil? Slept with your cell phone under your pillow not to miss a call, or set the alarm on the computer to sound when your child logs in? Does your heart skip a beat when the doorbell rings or a black sedan drives by? Are there times you’re consumed with news coverage of the war, yet you aren’t really sure you want to know what’s happening? Do you feel alone even in a crowd and wake in the night gripped by fear? Do tears flow when you think of your child, or when you sing the national anthem? If you are like myself and answered, “yes” to these questions, than you’re definitely a Blue Star Mom.

Now, I want to reassure you that all of the above is  ‘normal’ and you’re not alone! Both those facts become more apparent to me while reading this book.  It’s not full of practical things to do as a military mom. This book cuts to the core of your emotions as 45 ordinary moms, who’ve sent their child to war, share in their experience.

The moms in this book explain that being a military mom truly is a ‘learn as you go process’ because nothing can prepare you for helplessness you feel when they deploy.  After all, regardless of their age, they are still our child and we want to protect them.

They are extremely open and honest about their deepest fears and greatest hopes. They take us from learning of the deployment to the heartfelt homecomings and the unexpected feelings that too brought with it.

This isn’t a book I was able to read in one sitting; it was a book I allowed to become part of me. Each experience was so real that it brought me to tears as I related to it as a military mom.  After reading the last page, I felt I had formed a bond with these moms, that they were part of an inner circle of friends that understood me, and all the ups and downs that a military mom endures.

It’s a book that will remind all Blue Star Moms that we share a bond and supporting one another is vital to remain strong.  I highly recommend this book not only for military moms, but also for family members as it will give them insight into the roller coaster of emotions that moms endure when sending a child to war.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Love You More Than You Know”

  1. I’m definitely going to have to read this book! So often I’m consumed with how I’m feeling about my husband’s deployments that I don’t think enough about how his parents feel about sending their son off to war. So thanks for the reminder to appreciate my in-laws and the emotional roller coaster they go through as well.

  2. Kathy,
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I had 3 goals for writing Love You
    More Than You Know:
    1. For writing to be therapeutic for the
    Moms that wrote
    2. For stories to be a guide for Moms
    Going on this journey of separation
    3. To give back to our Vets-a portion
    Of the proceeds goes to two charities.
    Tell me stories about your hero and be
    A guest columnist on my blog
    Send stories to

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