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Hearing Our Childs Voice

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Since April is the Month of the Military Child, I decided to sit down and ask my children what being a military child means to them. I was able to get my 8yr old, 5yr old and 3yr olds perspective on the subject. As I sat down and talked with them individually about being a military child, something dawned on me.
I’ve never actually sat down to talk to them about how they feel about growing up in the military {not that they obviously have a choice}. Listening to their little voices express to me what it feels like when daddy is gone all the time, and how they process that, really hit me hard.

I did some reflecting about it, and since I grew up as a Marine brat, I’ve just been so absorbed into this lifestyle that I haven’t been tuning into my children’s feeling about it. Yes I see how daddy being gone all the time affects them, because I’m the one wiping their tears away every night when they are crying. What I mean is, I haven’t actually taken the time to sit down with them and actually TALK with them about how they feel about certain things.
Yes, I am admitting that because I think it is something that we all need to do with our children.

Life happens; days are super busy and hectic, especially when you’re the one being both mom and dad while your spouse is gone. I think that we get so consumed in how we are feeling being a military spouse that we aren’t making sure that our children’s voices are being heard. And if we as parents don’t hear our children’s voices, then who will?

I need to remind myself that I’m not just a military wife, more importantly; I’m a mother of military children.


4 thoughts on “Hearing Our Childs Voice”

  1. My heart breaks when I read this, because I have been there! I think we all have been. Thank you for sharing this Amber, once again…..a brilliant blog! 😉

  2. This is a great article Amber!! Your posts about what each of your kids thought and felt about being a military child truly broke my heart! What sweet kids you have, and I will pray for continued peace for them all when daddy has to go do his job.

  3. This was such a touching article. I can’t wrap my own feelings around Ben finally joining much less if I were to have children. You’re such a strong military wife and I look up to you such much for guidance.

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