Finding the Good in Duty Days

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I am usually alone for the most part on duty days. Unless of course I have plans, that is. My mind tends to wander and suddenly I am lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts that all I do is think all day. I wonder if that is good or bad? Huh.

The military can either make or break a couple, right? But that depends on the couple right? Honestly, some days during deployment, I didn’t think I could do it. The first day was the worst by a landslide. Here I go rambling. Enough about deployment! He is HOME! 

I find myself in a sad state so often when he is gone so I have decided to find the good in the days alone. Here is a list of the pros (no cons because this is a positive blog!):

1) I get to reflect on the beauty of everything surrounding me distraction free.

2) I get “me time”. Today was the first day since he got home that I actually got this “me time”. Even on his duty days I always seem to have something planned with someone.

3) I get to write free of distraction. I have been terrible at keeping up with the HUN even since my husband got home. I started writing for the HUN when he was deployed so I just don’t seem to think about writing when he is home. Bad habit, I know.

4) I get girl time. It’s something I had a lot of while he was gone but is now a thing of the past when he is home. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish every moment we have alone, but I also love spending time with my girls!

I’m sure there are a few other things but the coffee just isn’t working today and my mind is in full blown zombie mode. So, if you were to write a list of pros for duty days or any other time he/she is away, what would be on YOUR list?


2 thoughts on “Finding the Good in Duty Days”

  1. I sooooo needed this Brittany! My husband has been leaving for days on end the past few months and although I miss him dearly, I know the importance of having “alone time”. So positive, great blog!

  2. Great way to find the positive! Frank goes to the field A LOT, so I try to be very positive when it happens and catch up on all my chick flicks, not worry about the dishes in the sink or the clothes on the floor, no cooking, etc! Sometimes I do need a breather and some me time and the bed to myself, so duty nights are perfect little refreshers!

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