The Military Faith

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No matter what branch you are affiliated with, the military is its own entity. With billets ranging from chef to janitor to airframer, there is hardly a need to contract a civilian on a military installation in the states or abroad. Finding such a community that relies solely on itself outside of the military is close to unheard of. Along with this tight-knit community of workers helping one another to create their own world in and of itself, you will also find the military has their own set of beliefs, their own faith. The Military Faith.

Between standing duty, work-ups and deployments, spouses find their beds empty more nights than not. Civilian spouses can hardly understand the toll that loneliness can take on a woman who is caring not only for herself, but for her children and household without the help of her significant other. Having faith that your spouse is doing what is good, what is right, what is necessary is all a part of The Military Faith.

Our faith lies in Uncle Sam on more than just April 15th and July 4th. Every day that our husbands button their blouse and lace their boots we put our faith in the military. With our husbands fighting for our freedom, whether in Iraq, Fort Bragg or MCAS Miramar, our daily dose of Military Faith is what keeps us strong. And when we see our friends’ husbands leaving their own homes in a suit and tie with briefcase in hand.

With such a community as the military provides, today I encourage you to create a community amongst yourselves as military wives. Holding another wife accountable in her faith in the military is imperative to our community, our network. Find a friend on your street, in your unit or through the Homefront United Network. You never know just who you can share a grain of faith with. Today may be just the day they need it the most.

Welcome April Crosier to the HUN writing team! April’s daily ramblings, recipes and crafts can be found at the Marine Parents Blog. She currently lives in San Diego, CA. with her husband, Caleb and daughter, Amelia. She loves camping, cloth diapering and getting lost in the blackhole that is Etsy. Be sure to stop by her blog and join her community of friends!


3 thoughts on “The Military Faith”

  1. Lovely. Just lovely… And that’s coming from a civilian. We can all apply this to aspects of our lives.

  2. Great post April! Every word of it is so true! I think for some wives its just easier to be a hermit and hide out in their home…heck I’ve even been guilty of that myself. It is better if we all find at least one person we can connect with so we can have some support. You never know when you might need it.

    Welcome to the HUN!!!!!!

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