It’s Time to Come Clean

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I’ve been holding back the past couple of months and that isn’t something I like to do.

I’ve wanted to tell you so many times, since the HUN has been in existence, “We’re moving!”

We’re moving to Richmond, VA for three years for I & I duty.

We’re moving to Oklahoma for three years and Frank will be non-deployable as he teaches!

Only, I didn’t. Because in reality, no matter how certain we were or how many times we were told something was going to happen, the past six months have been a roller coaster ride full of hope and planning, crushed dreams and tears, ups and downs, promises and misleading assurances.

And it’s led to this.

We’re moving…onto base!

That was anti-climatic, wasn’t it?

After finally accepting that the run around we’ve been getting isn’t going to end anytime soon, we weighed our options and seriously and realistically discussed what the next year or two holds and decided base was our best bet.

And now, for the crazy part. We put our name on the list for base housing on the 24th of February. I had been told the wait was one to three months. We were assigned to slot number two on the wait list. We received a call on Saturday, yes, as in two days later, that we had a house and it was completely remodeled and the largest three bedroom model they offer. Ready for more craziness? We signed the lease last Friday and I pick up the keys on March 21. TMO is moving us and, in typical military fashion, the hubs won’t be here. We were able to give 30 days notice on the house we live in now, not have to pay extra rent and I got a steal on someone to clean the carpets/house/chimney!

It’s all gone a bit too smoothly, but after the past six months, I’m thinking it’s the small break we deserve! Just remind me of that in the next couple of weeks, won’t you?


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Come Clean”

  1. Sounds exciting yet scary! We are also planning our move (My first PCS) and although I can’t wait, I can. Does this make sense? I am sure it does! 🙂

  2. oh, Sugar… call me nervous Nellie, but anytime you notice your good fortune seems something will go wrong. But I’ll be prayin’ that this is that break in the crazy you sometimes get with the military! Enjoy your new home you all deserve it!

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