Whatever you do, just don’t call me Ma’am!

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My husband had duty this past weekend and I took him dinner on Saturday night. I always take him dinner when he’s on duty and we have a picnic, on the duty desk, with the Sergeant of the Guard and the Duty Driver. It’s romantic, in a military relationship kind of way.

We went out to eat the following day and somehow, over lunch at the Olive Garden, the talk turned to how old we have become. Really, it turned to how old I am, but it makes me feel better to include my husband, because as I tell him, he’s old and has accepted it, it’s still new to me. I told him that it always makes me feel so old when the Duty Driver calls me “Ma’am.” Have a good night, Ma’am. Thanks for dinner, Ma’am. Here, have my seat, Ma’am.

I’m only going to be twenty-five in June, stop calling me Ma’am! I’m not a freaking Ma’am, I’m Staff Sergeant’s hot, YOUNGER wife!

I graduated high school in 2004. It feels like it was just yesterday. I counted at lunch and I graduated high school SEVEN years ago! S-E-V-E-N.

As I was drowning my sorrow in calamari and bread sticks, my husband, who always.says.the.right.thing, looks at me and says, do you really want to feel old? Um, no, but let’s see where this is going…

“We were talking about Obama last night and I jokingly told Sgt. Doesn’t.Call.Me.Ma’am. that Obama’s his President and we have him to thank for [whatever inappropriate thing they were discussing and probably isn’t HUN appropriate]. He said, ‘Hell No.’ and we both looked at PFC Stop.Freaking.Calling.Me.Ma’am. and he said, ‘SSgt., I couldn’t even vote for the guy, he can’t be my President.'”

Did ya’ll just hear my fork hit the plate?

My husband then tried to make me feel better, “Oh, don’t worry, he’s eighteen now.

Eighteen?! EIGHTEEN?!

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? How in the world did I get to be a Ma’am? More importantly, how do I make it stop? 


11 thoughts on “Whatever you do, just don’t call me Ma’am!”

  1. I completely understand you. Just thi spast week I turned 29…EEK! Which means I’m closer to 30. Which means I’m old. Which means that hubby gets to make fun of me as much as he wants to (he’s you ger than I am).
    I hate being called “ma’am”. I understand it’s a form of politeness and what not, but it makes any woman of any age feel old.

    1. I understand it’s politeness, too, especially in the South, but being from the North, it will only ever make me feel old!!

  2. uh, um… I have one thing to say to all of this- SERIOUSLY? LOL

    Ladies, I was voting for what wine would be served at the last supper so bless yer hearts, you ain’t old! And to put this into perspective for ya Miss Katie I graduated from high school about the time you were born! Just remember no matter how old ya feel, there’s always someone who is much, much, much older!

    And if it really does put your panties in a twist being called ma’am at the tender age you are now, just tell yourself what I used to tell myself back when I was your age. (of course yer relyin’ on whether I can remember that long ago, but here it goes) Ma’am in the military is used as a sign of respect and admiration. To be called Ma’am simply means that the PFC (who by the way is younger than my second oldest child) respects your husband’s leadership and in turn recognizes that you are a huge part of making your husband the great man he is! Take it as a compliment instead of a sign you’ve grown older than you are! Hang in there darlin’ you don’t know old yet!

    1. Military Martha, I love you, plain and simple! I know it’s a sign of respect, but I’m from the North and I just can’t get used to it!

    2. “Ladies, I was voting for what wine would be served at the last supper”

      HAHAHA! What a gem that is. Bless you, Military Martha. I love it.

  3. It’s so funny to me that you hate being called Ma’am, because though you and I are pretty close in age (I didn’t realize just how close until now!), I take it as a compliment when I appear old enough to be called Ma’am. Why? I’ll explain. lol….

    I’m going to be 26 in November. Graduated high school in 2003, and ever since, have looked like a 16-year old. If I don’t wear makeup, I get carded everywhere I go, and to be honest… I’m not usually in makeup. When someone calls me Ma’am, my eyes light up and I think that finally, just MAYBE… I look over 21.

    I’m sure I’ll be thankful for this when I’m 50, but for now, it’s super annoying.

    *steps off soap box*

  4. I also have this idea in my head that when I’m called ma’am, I’m being taken seriously, which I have to say, I really do enjoy. LOL! I stand up a little taller, I think a little more clearly, and I thank God that some people still want to be respectful no matter what age they think I might be. haha.

  5. It still throws me for a loop when I have soldiers call me “ma’am”, especially when the 40-some NCOs are calling 26-year-old me that–let alone the ones who have been in the Army longer than I’ve been ALIVE! It took a lot of getting used to, but when I realized it was a term of respect, I slowly got the hang of it. Now, like some others have mentioned, I take it to mean “I’m taking you seriously”, which is indeed inspiring.

  6. As I was reading this, I was expecting you to say you were in your 40’s and you didnt like ma’am… Then I saw you werent even 25 yet! I couldnt help but laugh! Adorable considering i will be 22 in June. My husband is a Ssgt as well and sometimes his boys like to call me ma’am. I use it to my advantage when I am having lunch with him I simply run them to death with “can you get me a coke” …… “yes Ma’am” …. “will you go get [insert item here] out of my car”… finally my husband told them if they would stop treating me like a “ma’am” I wouldnt treat them like a kid. 🙂 no one has called me Ma’am to this day.

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