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Taking Deployment Personally


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When my husband came back from his deployment, I was thrilled like every girl would be. I also thought of a million things I would have done, or could have done differently. And although my heart hurts even thinking about the next time he’ll get on a plane, I know that I will be better prepared after all the research I’ve done.

I’ve scoured the web for care package ideas- not the typical flat rate box items, but something that is truly unique and personal. Nearly all of these items are shippable straight to APO and FPO addresses, and some even have special military discounts or offers.

One of the most romantic things I discovered was a way to send Soldiers a telegram from I am in love with this idea! They look like something from the 19th century but are mailed to the recipient instead. It’s an inexpensive, fun twist on a traditional card or love letter.   

Another neat item was a message in a bottle from My husband said he would recommend skipping the sand inside, since it’s optional- many soldiers are around enough sand to last a lifetime!

There were several sites that specialize in baked goods for the military, such as and, who both make delicious looking, shippable cakes. They’d be perfect for a birthday or holiday away from home. At, there are several different cookies to choose from, and they will hand out an extra free dozen if the order is shipping to an APO or FPO. Because I am a horrible cook, and  because I get nervous about how things will end up after I ship them, these sites were very appealing.

For other snacks, there were M and Ms that could be personalized with a picture or message at At, I found cheeses, meats, popcorn, and lots of candy, including holiday items.

And if money is no object, an e-reader (such as the Kindle from would make an awesome gift. Because Internet service is often sketchy overseas, it would be best to pre-load the reader with some of their favorite books or magazines. There are over two and a half million free books available for download. They are extremely lightweight and portable, so they are very easy to ship and store. It’s easy to jazz them up with cases and book lights, too.

While I am not looking forward to the next deployment in general, I know I will enjoy sending my husband unique and thoughtful care packages. I have a feeling the other Soldiers will be jealous!

Erika Perez is new to the HUN team this week. Erika is an Army National Guard spouse and a new mother to a baby girl. She has always wanted to be a writer. Her hobbies include reading and writing blogs, as well as photography and photo editing. Welcome Erika to the HUN team and join her weekly as she explores and discusses the obstacles of being a National Guard spouse. She also has a blog at .


4 thoughts on “Taking Deployment Personally”

  1. Yah and welcome to the HUN team! This post was SUPER informative! Great job researching and linking all the great ideas! I felt the same way as you. After Fox came home from his deployment, I thought that I didn’t do a good enough job sending him things. Next time, I’m going to be more creative, maybe not with EVERY care package, because I do send him a TON of stuff, but it would be nice for him to get a fun surprise like some of your ideas. I really want to do the birthday cake in a jar thing. We have ALWAYS been a part for each others birthday, so this would be great!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE THE IDEA OF A E-READER! There is also an organization that recycles your books for you by sending them overseas to deployed military members. It’s a bit like a pen-pal type arrangement where you can request a specific military member to send to or just send to an area. I received a very lovely thank you letter from a female seaman who got my books… it’s wonderful to be able to help our folks even when ours aren’t deployed!

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