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Support for Guard and Reserve

We may not live on post or be apart of an active community but Guard and Reserve make up a large population of servicemebers deployed today. This is just a short video reminder of just how important we are. Don’t give up, there are resources and families out there going through the same obstacles. We must ban together and support each other in this journey.

Resources for Reserve and Guard Families

Also be sure to check out the Resources tab under Guard/Reserve, here on the HUN.


3 thoughts on “Support for Guard and Reserve”

  1. I know I told you yesterday, but I’m gonna say it again on here. I think you did a great job, and your heart for those who feel lost amidst other branches is so very prevalent. No matter how much stress you’re under, God is still showing Himself through you, and I am grateful that you have the years behind you to speak with knowledge and understanding from so many different situations that newer military wives (like myself) don’t have. Love you to heaven and back. : )

  2. Finding you on Facebook, and now here has been a Godsend. Being a Guard wife, and feeling “disconnected” were synonymous for me. But now my husband is on Active Duty, and I’ve been thrust into this life – luckily just for school and not deployment (though there have been three deployments already). I am now living the life of an active duty spouse on a base, and have met only a few guard spouses here. We feel that other than on our current “active” duty status, we have never felt very connected to a community. You are providing that for us, and I applaud you. Its comforting to know that there is someone “out there” who understands us, supports us, and provides us with a place to reach out to other spouses. Thank you so much for this, it is evident that not only do you work hard, but that you love what you do. You are truly appreciated, thank you for all that you do Angela and HUN.

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