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Save Money on College Textbooks!

The savings can add up!

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For anyone who is enrolled in college courses, you know saving money can be rather difficult. And  finding ways to save money during this learning process can sometimes also be a challenge. Did you know that the average college student spends $700-$1,100 on textbooks a year? That would send anyone into a textbook coma! One way I have saved a lot of money these past three years in school has been through purchasing eBooks. Trust me, the savings add up and I have saved over $2,000! So what are some ways that you can save?

Free Books
Check out sites like Project Gutenberg, and Google books. Many times you can find the book you have been assigned for a free download. Or even friends, who have taken the classes already, may be willing to lend you the book.

Used Books
Check out your campus book store or other sites like Amazon and Half dot com to search for used books.

My favorite method of purchasing books is eBooks. Check with your school as some colleges offer eBooks. If not, check out CourseSmart for a ton of eBook selections.

Sell Books
So what are you going to do with that book you have finished? In many cases, college students will finish a book and it will sit on their bookshelf for years collecting dust. So why not sell your books once you’re done with them and make a profit? There are many sites that purchase used books and sell for reasonable prices. Check out sites like Campus Book Swap, Textbook Revolt, Ebay and Amazon.

Hope this helps and as always we welcome all comments below!


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