Homecoming Jitters? Boy Was I Wrong!

Photo Courtesy: Brittany Dawson

All of the jitters were just… Jitters. I had finished cleaning and arranging everything around the house 3 days before he came home. Everything went so smoothly that it couldn’t have gone any smoother if I had planned the whole thing myself. God is good!

I woke up to his call at 06:19 that morning. 06:19, a time I will never forget because this call was special. This call was the call that meant my life was about to be normal once again. Hearing the excitement in his voice was enough to make me all kinds of giddy and feel like it WAS real for the very first time.

I made it to the pier with another s.o. at around 09:15 a.m (the ship was scheduled to pull in at 10:00). We parked then stood inside the tent they had up for us for around 15 minutes until my nasty habit called to me. I walked out of the tent to smoke and just as I was finishing my cigarette an officer standing next to me got a phone call. I heard him say to the officer that was with him that the ship had just passed pier 11. Holy $%#&!!! That meant only 6 more piers until they were here!!! I spazzed and assumed my front-of-the-crowd position and called a few wives to inform them of what I had just heard. I avoided moving from my spot like everything around it was the plague. Less then 15 minutes later there she was. The bow of the USS Laboon showed her beautiful face and tears streamed down mine. THEN it was really REAL.

I only had to wait around 45 minutes to see my husband but it seemed like eternity. I frantically searched Sailor after Sailor praying each of them was him. It was torturous. Finally they let us on the pier. Once on the pier I waited approximately 10 minutes at the bottom of the stairs.

I saw him! There he was! He saw me and almost fell down the stairs. Heck his life flashed before MY eyes. Then, time stood still and everyone around us disappeared. This was the best day of my life and nothing or no one was going to ruin it.

It’s really hard to believe that he has been home for 8 days but they have been the most cherished 8 days of my life and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. This is my beautiful mess of a fairy tale.


2 thoughts on “Homecoming Jitters? Boy Was I Wrong!”

  1. YAY! so glad to hear everything went well. There are good days and bad days in this life we call military spouse-dom… it’s great when the good days can carry us through the bad ones. HOLD on to your man tight and remember that day when you can’t!

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