Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?

Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?

 Being a first timer at the whole deployment thing, I am experiencing emotions and asking myself questions, and I am unsure of what is normal. Then again, we all deal with deployment differently so who knows what normal really is? My lists of questions with what I assume are the correct answers are as follows:
  • Q: Will he still find me as attractive as he did before he left?
  • A: Of course he will. He may even find you MORE attractive as you waited faithfully for months on end for him to return. To be attractive one must have a beautiful heart and soul. There is nothing more unattractive then an ugly attitude.
  • Q: How long will it take for our life to get back to normal?
  • A: Knowing you guys, everything will be back to normal the second his boots reach your high heels.
  • Q: Why am I getting SO scared to be intimate with him again?
  • A: It has been quite some time since you have been kissed, hugged, held or even touched and felt the way only his touch can make you feel. Not to mention all those people that keep telling you that you will get pregnant right away with a “homecoming baby”.
  • Q: What will it feel like to reunite with him?
  • A: These feelings can’t be fully expressed in text but some will most likely be: Extreme joy, relief, falling in love all over again, and pride, not only in your service member, but also in yourself for defeating deployment, the RIGHT way!

I suppose that is it for my big questions. Of course I have plenty more like, what will I do with my hair or what jewelry will I wear? Will I run up to him and jump into his arms the second his feet touch the pier or will I fast walk to him and give him to most passionate kiss ever, all the while smiling my face off? I don’t know the real answer to these questions but I will next month and I can assure you once I know, you will too! Though it may take a week or so 😉


2 thoughts on “Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?”

  1. One question you didn’t ask and I think is the most important- Will he be a different person than when he left?
    Chances are good he’ll act differently, speak differently and behave differently… this is normal. Given what he’s experienced and what you’ve experienced during the deployment it’s natural to be jittery about the changes. Just know that what was once normal no longer is- and it’s best to adapt to the new normal. Give yourself and him time to adjust to the new form your relationship will take on. It’s like dancing- sometimes he’ll take the lead, and sometimes you will. Just know that if something doesn’t feel right- you have a right to ask questions and get help! No shame in asking for help in understanding what’s happening. You’re right… a good attitude is beautiful and he’ll love you for trying to understand.

  2. Hey – this is my first time on this site so I’m new to it – the one thing I wanted to say Martha said too, and that is that you will make a new “normal”. It may take days, weeks, or even months to feel 100% normal, and the jitters are absolutely expected. But just know that even if things don’t feel normal, they will still be good and the 2 of you will still be good. Enjoy exploring the new avenues of each other that you have missed out on during the deployment.

    As for what to wear – I stressed over this for both of my husband’s re-deployments and I’m sure I will on this upcoming one as well. But I can guarantee he doesn’t even remember that I was wearing clothes…so don’t stress too much 🙂 Which should answer your first question too!!!

    Happy homecoming to you!!!

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