Book Review – Smoke Screen

Book Review – Smoke Screen

By: Sandra Brown

If you like mystery along with your romance, then this book is perfect for you.

It all begins when TV reporter, Britt Shelley, wakes up one morning beside a very dead Police Detective, Jay Burgess with no recollection of the night before. Upon this discovery, she notifies the police. Since the only memory she has of the night before is Jay telling her that he has a headline she just can’t pass up, she soon becomes the number one suspect in his murder.

When hearing her story on TV, Raley Gannon, former firefighter, is reminded of 5 years ago when he lost his job, wife and any ideas he had for the future. He’s known for 5 years that his fall from grace was at the hands of someone else and all because he was closer to the truth then some people would have liked him to be. Together, Shelley and Gannon conquer everything from lies, crooked politicians, dirty policemen and burning desires, all in hopes of clearing their name and bringing the true criminals to justice.

It is a rare feat to write a novel that is not only full of suspense and romance but is every bit the page turner it promises to be. Sandra Brown has a way of writing that leaves you wanting more with the turn of every page.

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  1. I’m headed to the bookstore today (or tomorrow) and I’ll have to pick this one up! Sounds juicy! I like juicy!

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