14 thoughts on “Military Martha- I Have a Dream of Neatly Folded Sheets”

  1. This inspires me to have more than one set of sheets on hand. I usually have just one set, and when it needs washing, I wash it during the day so I don’t have to fold it. Now I’m ready for more! I salute you, MM! ; )

  2. MM, you rock my world! I now have the urge to go reorganize my linen closet! I have a feeling so much more will fit in when I properly fold my fitted sheets!!

  3. You’ve got me laughing and learning at the same time! How did I get to be this old without learning this procedure? I love the presentation! Keep ’em coming, Military Martha.

  4. stay tuned for the next Vlog- it will be staring SGM Martha and will teach you how to change the oil and oil filter in your vehicle!

  5. I have seen the light! This day, Military Martha, you have shown me the errors of my sloppy-folding ways, and have opened my eyes to a new tomorrow filled with neatly folded fitted sheets. I have seen the glories of neatly-organized laundry, and you, Military Martha, you have taken my hand and led me down the shining path. And now, I go forth with this new knowledge!

    1. Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise be to God! I am so happy I could bear witness to this miracle!

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  7. Military Martha, your fitted sheet Origami is absoultely brilliant! Folding those things has always caused me to stress out…now I feel confident that I can “Get a Grip on the Stress of Folding Fitted Sheets!”

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