The President’s Challenge

The President’s challenge allows people of all ages to become more active. It is hard to get motivated in a workout regime from time to time so knowing that an Organization as President’s Challenge can allow you to get off the couch and become more active. To learn more about what The President’s Challenge is all about go to The website has several tools that will everyone to get motivated.

When going to the website it will allow you to register on the website to learn how to get started. When you join the website it will ask you if you will be doing this as an individual, which in most cases this would be yes. After doing this the website will then ask you to choose a program that will fit your needs. At this point you will need to figure out the activity level you are currently doing right now. You can the Active Lifestyle program which means you are staying under 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Then the next one is if you’re considering doing the Presidential Champions program which means you are very active at this point. Make sure you choose the correct program that fits your needs and goals for a program.

After choosing your program you are most likely interested in doing you will then be able to choose between several activities that you’ll be doing throughout the program. After you have chosen which ones you will be doing the next thing will be to track your progress. When you get the section where it shows the dashboard, you will see your progress. Your goal depending on which program you decide to do will be 40,000 points. On the dashboard section you’ll be able to log your activity that you’ll be doing if it’s from running to walking. Knowing that you’ll be able to review your progress on this website is a plus. Not too many sites allow this feature so definitely take advantage of this. On the dashboard section as well you will be able to view your rewards as well as compare your progress with other members. Just knowing that there are others out there that are doing this with you helps to keep you going and not to give up.

By going to after you have joined, it will allow you to do The President’s Challenge. You can do the Adult Fitness Test or for a more challenging test you can try for the Physical Fitness Test. This website in general has many resources that can help you to reach your goal. The website has a BMI calculator which is to check your body mass index. At all costs you want your BMI to be under 25. Setting goals has been difficult for me so by browsing this website it has allowed me to set realistic goals instead of ones that I will not keep. When setting goals I am sure that I am not the only one that has set ones that we knew was impossible to keep however; we knew we had to do it. As the website stated if you set an unreachable goal, in the end will be discouraging. Write down your goals. Keeping a journal will help you to keep up with them. Once you have reached one goal, aim for another one.

My favorite part of this website was how it gives 10 ideas to stay active for adults as well as children. Children need to stay busy parents. By allowing our kids to just sit at home and watch television and not being active has a tendency to raise their chance for child obesity. This disease haunts many families each year. It’s not caused just by heredity it’s caused by poor eating habits as well as not having your children to be active. Most Physical Education classes in school only require a child to attend one day a week. This is where it is hurting our children. Get your kids involved in this program as well. Make this a family activity. After dinner each night go for a family walk. When you are done track your results on the website. When you are done with the walk, you’ll be thankful you did this.

This website is a great resource so take advantage of this today! To keep you motivated as well from this website, you can purchase a shirt, hat, or even a jacket with The President’s Challenge Program logo on the items. Also if you want to keep tabs of the Organization you can always go on and search The President’s Challenge and like the site. This will allow you to also meet people that want to change their physical activity up a little.

Best wishes to each of you that follow this program. I myself have started the program and can’t wait to see my results and progress as I go through this.


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