I Am…

I Am…

Katherine Lewis-Carson

I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Homefront United Network and have the opportunity to share my opinions, stories and voice. I wanted to start off our journey together by sharing a little bit about myself.

I am in my mid-twenties and engaged to be married, to a Marine, on January 8, 2011.
I am a writer. I have written since I was in middle school. I had a weekly column in the local paper in high school and I was on the Daily Tar Heel staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’ve blogged for over a year and written several freelance pieces. I’ve always said I would write a book at some point in my life. I never knew what it would be about until I met Frank and began the journey of military life. It’s my niche.

I am an aspiring chef and baker. I’m far from a professional, but I’m also far from my days of flaming garlic bread. I love being in the kitchen and the look on people’s faces as they enjoy what I’ve made is so rewarding.

I am a jack of all trades. I am two credits away from a double degree in Public Relations and Political Science. I have finished the Political Science degree and just need to make it official. I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant. I currently spend my days taking care of some amazing kids. In my spare time, I decorate, cook, clean, take care of two dogs, pay the bills, dabble in wedding planning, practice economical grocery shopping, blog, write, answer emails and a slew of other things that keep our house and lives running smoothly.

I am my own person and not afraid to try anything, at least once. I did a modified bungee jumping “thing” in middle school, knowing good and well that my mother told me not to, and then bragged about there being a video of it! I was petrified of guns and motorcycles when I met Frank. I’m now the proud owner of beautiful, new Kawasaki Vulcan 900, which I refuse to drive, but look pretty good riding on the back of, with my pink and black motorcycle jacket. And, although I refuse to carry a gun, much to Frank’s chagrin, I do thoroughly enjoy a nice day at the range. It’s empowering and therapeutic.

I am a believer. I believe in God. I believe in “what will be, will be.” I believe in throwing you hands up in the air and trusting that He has it all planned out. I believe that you can only stress over something so much; although, that’s never stopped me in the past. I believe in journaling. I believe in always kissing Frank goodnight. I believe in never missing an opportunity to tell the ones you love that you do, indeed, love them. I believe in the healing power of a good song, turned up very loud and belted at the top of your lungs, in the car. I believe in lazy mornings and sipping your first cup of coffee in bed. I believe in friends and family and surrounding yourself with things you find comforting, beautiful and positive. I believe in a good cry and butterflies in your stomach. I believe in the empowerment found in a good pair of jeans and the smiles found in a killer pair of boots. I believe in sweaters and scarves and snow. I believe in the Steelers and yes, even in the Redskins. I believe in To-Do lists and meal planning. I believe in second chances. I believe in healing and I believe in love.

I am excited to share my journey with you. From recipes to my impending nuptials and all the details of our big day to stories of our life and the unpredictability of the Marines, I’m anxiously waiting to share it all.

I am ready. Are you?


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