How many of you dread going to the commissary? I know I do. I have lots of reasons why I can’t stand it.

I have 4 kids…yup you heard that right…4! So as you can imagine, going to the commissary with my list in hand, while pushing the cart with all my chickens following alongside me, isn’t really a fun filled day. I d-r-e-a-d going. In fact, since Fox {a.k.a my husband} has returned home from his deployment from Afghan….I made him go every week. Well that lasted for all of about 2 months before he refused to go back….and I don’t blame him.

Have you ever noticed that there is a traffic pattern to the aisles? If you ever go against traffic you could end up in a head on collusion. I often have to make u-turns to avoid being stuck in traffic. But sometimes you have carts that pull out right in front of you or try to cross in a no passing zone. Since there’s a no texting or talking on your cell phone policy while driving on base, don’t you think the same rule should apply while pushing your cart in the commissary? Then you have the carts that either move too fast or too slow and should be ticketed for doing so. And sometimes you get behind a student “cart” driver.

Then there is the whole checking items off your list, putting said items in your cart, unloading said items onto the conveyer belt, walking with your bagger out to your car, tipping your bagger, driving home, unloading the groceries from your car into your house, then putting all the groceries away where they go. I mean…it’s a constant of loading and unloading.


Is the commissary….scary to you?


9 thoughts on “CommiSCARY”

  1. I took a photo of these two sweet ladies taking their sweet time COMPARING prices and items right in the middle of the aisle. I said in the nicest voice ever, “OH don’t mind this line behind you. We have all day!” *sigh*
    I LOVE the name CommiSCARY! LOL

  2. Maybe I go shopping at an awkward time, as in Sunday afternoons usually, but normally it isn’t too bad at ours! I go to the nearby air force base and normally can be in and out of there and home again in way less than an hour.

    Geeze I hope I am not just jaded!

  3. Oh gosh, I hate going there too. I usually always seem to be stopped by people blocking the aisles with their carts. Drives me nuts! Then if you say excuse me, they tend to give YOU an evil look. If you have to look at stuff, move your cart to the side so people can pass.

  4. I HATE going to the commissary here at Joint Base MDL! It is ALWAYS busy and seriously, most times, I would rather pluck my own eyeballs out. Well maybe not that extreme, but you get the picture! I feel for you! I have 2 and it is bad enough with 2! I couldn’t imagine 4!!

  5. I shopped at the commissary ONCE and have never done it again. P.S. I’ve been an Air Force wife for almost 8 years.

    1. I agree shopped one time about nine years ago and that mess is for the birds.I price matched and would only have saved 5% + tax. Sorry but that was not big enough of a bargain for me to go back.

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